Hien Minh Tea is a Tea house in Hanoi, which was born in 2016 with the vision of protecting, nurturing and processing the high quality Vietnamese ancient tea trees.

The tea house is of Mr Nguyen Viet Hung, the winner of the competition Tea Master Cup 2016, and his wife. They both have a huge passion for tea, therefore get into the meditation practice to understand the tea better and develop their connection with them. As a result of “gravity”, Hien Minh Tea attracts people who share the same interest with meditation, Qi Gong, religion (especially Buddism), or are vegetarians…

Buddism is a part of Hien Minh Tea’s philosophy. That’s the reason why Green Lotus Tea is a signature tea that’s was born in the very first days and has developed as the Teahouse grows. To make this kind of tea, which represents all the preciseness of Hanoi people in particular and Vietnamese people in general, the Tea Master decided to get deep into the meditation process to explore the perfect proportion of scenting lotus flower with green tea. Therefore, more than the most expensive tea of Hien Minh, Green Lotus Tea is a pride that we treasure the most.

At Hien Minh Tea house, we are passionate about and proud of our tea processing and tea products. With pride, we want to share our Vietnamese Tea with friends all over the world. We always welcome you to our Tea house for the tea ceremony.

Thank you so much for trusting us.

Give yourself a moment of tranquility with Vietnamese tea catering at our tea house.

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