Our wonderful friend - Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is an Executive Health Coach, a Motivator, Speaker & Author. He has 30 successful years strategizing health and results for his clients. And overall, he is definitely a tea lover.

When he turned 50, he said: "Turning 50 was a catalyst: to build on the previous extraordinary years. Determined to be faster, wiser, smarter, more powerful and impactful moving forward. I understand, appreciate and embrace the distinct requirements of the human body and mind. The next 50 years are going to be even more extraordinary."


This beautiful hearted and minded person, by destiny, was one of our very first influencers and inspired us a lot, gave us more power and encourage us to open our own tea house in year 2016. It was a significant milestone which changed our lives into a new page, with much appreciation and love, for both tea and this world.

The more important thing, this amazing person has been maintaining a routine until now after many years, is to send us a “tea message” every single day when he has a sip of tea, to connect us together, though it is such a long distance from US to Vietnam. How lucky we are to have this silent supporter and motivator besides all efforts for this tea life.

Thank you Paul, our best tea friend! His insight for your reference. https://www.immortalexecutive.com/


Thank you Tea, our lives become reality.

And also thanks to tea, we know to dream a big dream, to meet amazing people all over the world, to have lots of opportunity to experience the spiritual way of life and see various aspects from loved and peaceful energy, and to be in the moment.

Besides, we feel so blessed and grateful to our family and all other friends who always support and give us a hand on our tea path. 
We hope same or even better things would come to you, especially when you come to start having tea as an intimate.
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