Green Puerh Autumn 2020( Hoàng Lão Trà Thu 2020)

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Different from the Green Puerh made in the spring, the autumn of this year 2020 brought a very special flavor and fragrance to the tea. 
A really tough year of pandemic, flood, storm, too much rain most days, by this chance giving the tea trees the challenge to survive and bring out the complex floral fragrance with very rare sunny days to dry the tea, and the pleasant clear bitterness, melting in the mouth, and the sweetness lingering by the after-taste. 
The tea material we can collect for this season was just a small amount due to the weather condition. Not like spring or any previous autumn season, as said above, this year is quite extraordinary. So there are totally only 50 cakes (360gr/ cake) available for purchase on our website. 
For next year's season pre-order, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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